"Ambassadors to Reach the World"

Just prior to His ascension, Jesus commissioned the church to be His ambassadors to reach the world with the gospel of salvation. Northside Baptist Church has embraced Jesus' command by sending and supporting missionaries all around the world. Once again, we have the privilege of interacting with, equipping, encouraging and praying for several missionary families during our annual mission's conference. I hope you will take advantage of the opportunities to interact with and hear how God is using our sponsored missionaries to shine His light in a dark world "until all have been reached".

...and that My name might be proclaimed in all the earth. Romans 9:17

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North American Organizations

Charlotte Rescue Mission (Rebound Program)
Charlotte Rescue Mission (Dove's Nest Program)
Christian Law Association
Human Coalition
Child Evangelism Fellowship


Arvin Devers Dundonld


Missionary Support Services
Janette Sullivan
Ajmal Masih
Manshad Khushi
Rafiq Masih
Asher Shazad
Kiatisak Siripanadorn
Birendra Parichha