What are NGroups?

The main purpose of our NGroups is to provide you with deeper interaction with the Word of God. The group setting will give you a chance to dig deeper into a Bible passage and apply it to your life through accountability with those in your group. NGroups provide an opportunity for people to “do life together”. Through in-depth Bible study, application, and fellowship, you will develop relationships with people that will become life-long friends, while simultaneously developing a deeper relationship with Christ.

What are we studying?

There are many different topics discussed in the various groups that go on. Talk with the leader of the group you want to attend and they can tell you what they are discussing. Sometimes we do a church-wide study.

How long are meetings?

The average time for an NGroup meeting is an hour and a half on Sunday evenings. However, some may be longer and some may be shorter. Meeting start and end times are set by the group leader. Find the group you want to attend and ask the host what the meeting times will be.

What do I do with my kids?

Bring them with you! NGroups are designed with family in mind, and we encourage you to let your children be a part. There will be a Bible story for them each week as well.

How do I Join?

Joining is easy! Before we launch each session we will advertise our locations and topics. You can then pick a group and sign up. If you have any questions please contact Pastor Steven @