Counseling Ministry

Steve Goode

Pastor of Biblical Counseling


By Appointment


By Appointment

Equipping believers to counsel both within the church and the workplace

Northside Biblical Counseling Ministries offers counseling services to those in the Charlotte region (although sometimes counselees travel further distances). A large part of our ministry is centered on equipping believers to counsel both within the church and the workplace. We believe that the church has a Biblical responsibility to counsel, encourage, and hold accountable believers from within the local church body.

Counselling and Support

We love and care for you! It is the goal of the Northside Counseling Ministry to provide comfort, encouragement, and direction to those within our church and the surrounding region in a manner that is Biblical, and honors the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible is totally sufficient to help believers to change habits, behaviors, and guide them toward repentance of those things that so easily weigh us down in this life.

The counseling ministry is also here to come alongside those who are grieving losses in their lives. Sometimes those losses may be from the death of a loved one or even the separation or breaking up of families. Other situations may involve anxiety and depression. All these circumstances are painful immobilizing, and we are here to help you cope through those times in a manner that will bring comfort to you and honor Christ!

(2 Timothy 3:16-17; Matthew 11:28; Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

What kind of counseling will you receive?

Northside Baptist provides a Biblical based approach to counseling to guide, equip and encourage believers back to a place where they can contribute to the ministry of the local church and their sphere of life influence. We are all directed by Christ to be witnesses and messengers of the Gospel in our daily walk, and sometimes we allow our circumstances to overwhelm us. Biblical Counseling will strive to bring you back into an effective and close walk with Christ through the working of the of the Holy Spirit who indwells all genuine believers. Our goal is to come along side each counselee and restore them through admonishing, encouragement, and discipleship. (Gal 6:1-10)

Areas of Biblical Counseling

Marriage and Family
Teen Issues
Recovery from Moral Failures
Premarital Counseling
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