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Caitlin Leepard

Director, Northside Academy For Early Learning


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Northside's Academy For Early Learning - Preschool

Beginning Your Child’s Education The Right Way

Finding the right preschool for your child is one of the most important foundations for their educational career. Not only will they lay their first academic cornerstones, but valuable social and motor skills are first developed in preparation for success in kindergarten through college. As your child takes these first steps in schooling, it’s important to find a preschool that will not only nurture them academically, but spiritually as well. At Northside’s Academy for Early Learning, we believe that by partnering with you, the parents, we can give each and every one of our students a solid footing to excel throughout their schooling and their lives. At the Northside Academy for Early Learning, our preschool begins at 6 weeks of age and continues until the Kindergarten transition time; covering the most important years of learning in  your child’s life.

Teachers Who Care

Perhaps the most valuable resource a preschool can offer is a faculty of caring, well-trained teachers. During the early childhood years, your child will learn more than he or she ever will again, and it is important for them to be surrounded by teachers who are equipped to make the most of this valuable time. And as devoted followers of Christ, our teachers value the importance of instilling in every child an understanding and passion for our God. While a preschool curriculum may seem simple, our dedicated teachers recognize the value of their task and appreciate the opportunity they have to impact the lives of children.

A Place To Thrive

With the wide range of needs being met in a preschool, it is imperative that a school be equipped to serve each child’s unique needs. At Northside’s Academy for Early Learning, we seek to maintain a safe, yet stimulating environment for children to feel both nurtured and encouraged to explore. Everyday at Northside, we give children opportunities to interact, learn, play, and create through a variety of hands-on explorations. We understand that when a child plays, they are discovering the world around them and developing a desire to learn, and we strive to provide an atmosphere to encourage daily exploration and growth.

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