Fiery Faith For Frustrated Failures

Have you ever noticed a time in your life where you gave up on Jesus? We all have at some point or another – but by His mercy, He always finds us and brings us back to Him. This Sunday, at Northside Baptist Church, we will take a look at how Jesus, the Good Shepherd, always searches for his sheep and brings them back to the fold!  Join us as we gather together at 11:00 AM for an incredible time of worship, led by Dr. Bill Cummings. This awesome worship time will lead us into a time of deep study, shared with us by Dr. Joe B. Brown, of why Jesus grants us an inseparable relationship of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Sunday’s service here at Northside Baptist Church is sure to encourage you, deepen your faith and focus your heart and mind on Jesus!  We will see how Jesus loves and cares for us, even when we don’t recognize it! Join us this Sunday, 11:00 AM and bring your friends, family and loved ones to join us – you won’t want to miss this! Welcome Home!